Bordabemyn Pet Care - Dog and Cat Boarding and Doggy Fun Day!

Doggy Fun Day

This service provides a day out for your dog. Your dog is picked up from your door and it's off to the farm for the day where they recieve heaps of exercise and socializing with compatible dogs - all under the strict supervision of a professional dog handler. At the end of the day your dog is delivered back to our door for a well earned rest. DOGGY FUN DAY  is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and we have discounts for two or more dogs from the same famialy. Your kids enjoy play group so why not let your dogs enjoy the same fun and give it a try.

Owner sends pet on adventure

* Dogs must have:

  • A well fitted strong collar
  • Be up to date (current) with their vaccination card
  • All males dogs must be de-sexed
John and Ukon
enjoying a run
time for a dipjump right in
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