Bordabemyn Pet Care - Dog and Cat Boarding and Doggy Fun Day!

Doggy Fun Day

Terms and Conditions

1. All dogs to be fully immunised.

2. Females on heat will not be accepted.

3. Dog's must not be fed within twelve hours of being picked up and should have had their toilet run.

4. Dog's must have a strong snug fitting collar (two finger rule).

5. If veterinary attention is required, owners are liable for all expenses. In event of serious illness and the owner cannot be contacted the veterinary surgeons decision will be final.

6. Bordabemyn reserves the right to refuse any animal and no reason shall be given.

7. Entire males will only be taken at the discretion of Bordabemyn.

8. Bordabemyn will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused to any of the dogs staying at their kennels other than as a result of willful negligence acts or omissions by Bordabemyn or its employees.

9. The rate includes pick up and delivery on a daily basis.

10. Owner must disclose any peculiar traits or medical condition of the dog (eg. Timidness, Climbing, Epilepsy etc).

11. The owner acknowledges that the signing of this contract shall create a lien over the animal in favour of Bordabemyn, which shall continue to exist while whatever monies are owing pursuant to the contract.

12. Over the peak periods (Christmas, Easter & School Holidays or any other time) Bordabemyn reserves the right to cancel Doggy Fun Day for the day or week.

13. The owner of the dog will be responsible for any excessive damage caused by its dog due to its behavior to any other animal or property.

14. It is advisable that owners take out pet insurance.

15. It must be clearly understood that the animals are not supervised continuously however are checked regularly for water, shelter, their behavior and presence.

16. When exercising dogs are not necessarily grouped according to size but to their temperament.

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