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Border Collies

 Baby AngelAs a breeder, I strive to find dogs that produce pups that have both a good conformation, but also a very gentle and loving temperament. I especially breed for excellent people dogs or pets and having the pups with us continually both inside and out with all my other dogs,means by eight weeks they are very well socialized and adapted.

One of our first Border Collies was a red and white male, and until we saw him, we did not know that they came in all the varieties of colours that they do. He was not registered and of course once you own one Border Collie you just have to have more, as they are very addictive!

My next one came from Kentish Kennels and we are very grateful to them for all the information and assistance that they gave us in the beginning. Since then we have gone on to own some lovely dogs, from people like Chris of "Rhonabwy Border Collies", and we now also have a very special girl from "Korella" thanks Ross.

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